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The Deep Cleaning continues

The Deep Cleaning continues

Cleaning the Overmantle

After a slight hiatus over the last couple of weeks to send Gideon on his way we have jumped right back in to our Deep Cleaning. We are getting along with it so well I couldn’t be more pleased, and that is in large part thanks to our wonderful volunteers!

Just before we opened again in February we Deep Cleaned most of Below Stairs and then last week we finished it off by cleaning the Still Room.…

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Hardwick’s wonderful Wildlife Watch

Hardwick’s wonderful Wildlife Watch

Hardwick Hall

Hardwick’s Award- Winning Wildlife Watch Group is getting a lot of attention at the moment for the brilliant work they are doing looking after the amazing variety of flora and fauna on our Estate. The group aims at getting families volunteering together carrying out different projects on the Estate and has been going really well! This group, alongside the Youth Rangers, have been providing…

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